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We, Turkey`s leading educational counseling agency, were founded in 2001. Since 2001, we`ve had more than 6. 000 students whom we place at the universities (foundation, undergraduate and graduate), language schools, high schools and colleges. Our students studied in various countries such as United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Malta, New Zealand, Spain, Italy, Germany, China and France. - We`ve been nominated twice as "the most innovative company" both in Istanbul and Ankara by the Young Businessmen Associations - We`re one of the main partners of Turkey`s leading educational fairs - We`re the member of TEAG - We`re the founder of the future of education counseling service egitimAL, which is the most unique educational web site (www. egitimal. com) - We`ve opened our 14th offices. Now, egitimAL has offices not only in Turkey, but also in Azerbaijan and Kazakhistan
Founded: 2001

Website: www. egitimal. com

Phone: +90 3124263133

E-mail: ankara@egitimal. com
Address: Tunus Caddesi 65/6 Kavaklidere 06680 AnkaraTURKEY