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DELTA International Education and Career, Muğla board, working independently and directly to the organizations and all the transactions carried out by foreign sponsors MUĞLA Work and Travel in office for 4 years at various cultural exchange and study abroad programs offer students an institution. Spiritual and material savings to be based in Mugla means for you. Jobs while sipping your tea or coffee at any time to stop by us can handle easily and effortlessly. programs are programs for all official business is primarily the governments of countries allow mutual organizations, and representatives of Sponsor are carried out by Visa and received approval. These representatives and approval by the consulates of the country where they do the job. We also allow us to have the visa applicant and approval of individuals anywhere in Turkey, a Turkish citizen who has the same equal opportunity and chance.
Founded: 2006

Website: www. deltaegitim. org

Phone: +90-533-7209648

E-mail: deltaegitim@yahoo. com

Address: RECAI GURELI CD. NO. 32 OSMAN ERCAN ISH. K. 2 D. 202 48000 MUGLA