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Academy English is a dynamic innovative educational and Au Pair placement counseling agency, which has founded in Tekirdag/Corlu-TURKEY. Academy English is helpful and friendly Au Pair placement agency with many years of experience. Academy English is providing information related to this sector and counseling services to assist Turkish students in making the best choices to achieve their future goals, while also providing international educational institutions with support for reaching their marketing potential in Turkey. Since 1999, we offer students a wide variety of Language Programs, University Programs, Certificate Programs, Au pair Programs, Summer Schools Camps and Career alternatives abroad. We currently work with companies in 10 countries (USA, CANADA, NEW ZEALAND, RUSSIA, GERMANY, MALTA, FRANCE, ENGLAND, AUSTRALIA, SWITZERLAND) and over 500 language schools, unıversıties, and au pair agencies (UK) around the world. The aim of Academy English is to show the good educational opportunities to our clients Our professional team identifies appropriate options and delivers quality service to all our customers. Having a high percentage of young population, TURKEY has become an emerging market for the education providers. With the help of Academy English promotions and services, you may easily reach this potential target market. At Academy English, we offer students a wide variety of overseas language programs, high school programs and diploma/certificate programs at prestigious schools and institutions from all over the world. Website: www. academy-english. com

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