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We have visited and know each and every one of the schools we offer. We've spent years sending our customers always getting satisfactory results. We ensure the good value for money stays we offer making them a safe value for our customers. We are not a search engine courses and most of our accommodations are exclusive.

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subsidized courses

Learn English in England ...

Our schools have been selected following a few basic quality criteria:

  • Schools recognized by the British Council and EnglishUK.
  • Small groups to facilitate the participation of all students in the course
  • Possibility to combine English course with sports and leisure
  • Senior teacher

The most popular courses are:
  • General InglÚs 15 hours
  • General InglÚs 20 hours
  • FCE Preparation 15 hours

Accommodation in England ...

Shared House England

We offer accommodation in England according to your needs. Find accommodation in England from Spain can be very difficult if you do not know the target personally. Generally the rentals in England have a minimum contract duration of three months because that is the minimum length of a lease there.

To solve this problem, we
have achieved agreements with owners in the various destinations we propose and we can get to offer during the summer minimum stay of 2 weeks.

The price may vary based on what you're looking for but probably will always be very economical
(from 80 pounds a week!)


  • shared apartment.
  • Home.
  • With an English family.
  • A house (if you are a group).



Choose from a variety of English courses in England. All of our schools are supported by the British Council and are members of InglÚs UK. Our courses are taught by highly qualified teachers. In addition to your free time you can enjoy social activities and cultural throughout the year that will help you better understand the English culture ...



For your stay in England we have the type of accommodation that best suits your tastes and needs: Shared house, single room in shared floor and residences, as well as classic bed and breakfast and student lodge.


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