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QualityCourses is an agency for language courses founded in Barcelona in 2003. We are specialized in providing the best language courses in any of our 150 partner schools all over the world. We are committed to build your training and personal development through a linguistic experience, filled of emotions and learning. We provide the most affordable prices in the market and our prices are below the price of the schools, since we are aware that our students need to travel, learn, enjoy and above all, save. QualityCourses was founded by two partners that had the dream to provide quality services through its language courses. These services are available for everyone in the world who wants to learn or improve their skills in a foreign language. In 2003 they decided to start their new project in Barcelona and began operations in modest facilities. It was the perfect time due to the maximum expansion of the Internet and although few built their companies on the web, for them the idea seemed great. In 2006, the company began to grow and they decided to move to new offices which are now the headquarters. QualityCourses works as an intermediary between the “students” and “the worldwide language schools”, so that the customer is able to receive a follow up from the moment he fills up the application for the course until his arrival at the language school in the foreign country chosen. The work that takes place in the company is focused on a process of continuous improvement of its sector, always looking for new channels of expansion with a dynamic view of the market, as well as a flexible personnel management. The main long-term growth objective of the company is through new types of courses to enable our customers with new opportunities for professional development. At the beginning our main clients were Italians who came to Spain to study Spanish and perhaps this explains the high number of Spanish schools that QualityCourses has. However, after a few years due to competition in the Italian market and thanks to the creations of MEC (grants offered by the Spanish Ministry of Education) in 2007, the Spanish market has become the main beneficiary of our services.
Founded: 2003

Website: www. quality-courses. com/cursos-idiomas-extranjero. htm

Phone: +34 933 18 91 53 / +34 902 02 27 90

E-mail: qualitycourses2011@gmail. com

Address: Via Laietana 57, Principal 1ª 08003 Barcelona SPAIN