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T&T - Teaching & Translation Poland Education Agents

T&T (Teaching & Translation) is a medium-sized company established in 1998. It has always been our aim to provide high quality language services. we cooperate with language schools abroad to provide high quality courses in Great Britain, Ireland, Malta, Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Spain and Russia. At T&T you can book not only such a course and accommodation but also a coach or plane ticket and take out an insurance policy. We also run language classes in Warsaw and language holidays in other parts of Poland. We specialize in English, German, French and Italian. Last but not least, we deal with written and oral translations. Website: www. tt. edu. pl

Phone: +48 22 611 95 56

E-mail: lisowski@tt. edu. pl
Address: Al. Gen. Chrusciela 86/2 Poland