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Isc International Study Consultants POLAND Education Agents

We service individual students of all ages and all linquistics needs. Our policy is matching the right client with the right school. We work with schools in Europe, USA, Canada and everywhere our clients can take advantage of the course. We specialise in niche courses like Parent and a Child, Learning in Teacher's Home, specialised courses for adults and juniors. Splendid co-operation with clinets gives us up to 99% returns in the subsequent years, and great co-operation with schools is something that we value. We are QE representative and EAQA member. Every year we travel for Berlin workshop.
Founded: 1999

Website: www. kursyjezykowe. net

Phone: +48 22 847 14 87

E-mail: info@kursyjezykowe. net

Address: ul. Puławska 53a/25 02-508 Warsaw POLAND