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Address: 12-15 Bunkyo cho, Chuo-Ku, Niigata City, Niigata, 951-8153, Japan


Try Johnson English Service! You won't be disappointed. We are based in Niigata but happy to help people anywhere in Japan or beyond.

# clear,  new website with reservation system for 100% FREE online (skype/line) or face-to-face counselling,

# online application service and multiple payment options (credit card ok),

# offer counselling and study abroad plans for individuals, pairs and groups for ELICOS, TAFE, university (graduate/postgraduate/MBA) as well as summer camps and working holidays.

# born and raised in Melbourne so very comfortable explaining about culture, lifestyle and safety in Australian society.

Let me help you reach your dreams.


Paul Johnson

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Principal Agent: Paul Johnson

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Paul Johnson