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EgyTEFL EGYPT Education Agents

Our organization aims at achieving sustainable development of human resources through education. We work under the authorization from ministries of Education, Higher Education and Commerce. Our mission We are focusing on the following overarching objectives: Education, Human Services and science and technology. Education Agency: EgyTEFL has become the First Certified Education Agency with certified Education Counselors We provide learners with access to learning opportunities in international Education intuitions in different destination countries around the globe: USA, Germany, Canada, UK, Australia, Newzeland, Malaysia, Italy and Ireland. Representation : EgyTEFL is an authorized Representative of Accredited international Universities, Language Schools.
Founded: 2010

Website: www. egytefl. org

Phone: +201111433359

E-mail: info@egytefl. org
Address: 4/2 El Laseliky St 11724 CairoEGYPT