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Address: Block F in TaiNing Garden, 3033 AiGuo Road, LuoHu District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, 518048, China


We help students get into the best possible university for them.  We work with students with good English and poor English.  For those with poor English I will send you to a University that specializes in students like you giving you lots of English classes but also allowing you to take real classes like math.  Then each semester they keep adding more classes until you can handle the full college load.  If you do well at that University for 2-3 years and do my extra homework I will help you transfer to a better University FREE, if you want to change.  For those with good English I will help you get the best education possible whether in America or any other country.

NOTE: Unlike many of our competitors we do NOT accept payment from Universities, so we choose Universities that are best for YOU, not our pocketbook!  So, come see how we can give you the best education possible.

Ph: +86-755-22364120

Principal Agent: Markis Gardner

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Markis gardner

Markis Gardner

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