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Address: Suite 1007, Level 10 Tower 10, World Trade Centre, 611 Flinders Street, Melbourne, Melbourne, 3005, Australia


New Horizon Education Solutions is established with a vision to help students to make the right decision on their career path. We are a passionate team of professionals with years of experience in Education Industry. We are highly committed to serving, understanding and supporting our clients' needs and finding the best possible solutions.

We aim to provide correct advice and guidance to students who are looking for a professional help in choosing the best courses from reputed colleges and institutions. We strive to provide our students the best possible service so they can make the right informed decisions that will help them shape their career.

New Horizon Education Solutions aspires to be the leading education consultants providing best services to all the international students. Our dream is to have all the International students related services under one roof. Currently we are providing education related services and IELTS preparation classes to the students in Melbourne. We will be providing Migration and visa related services to the students in the near future. Bearing the fact in mind that each student has unique needs and dreams and each student is different and unique, it is critical in evaluating and advising them for the right course. At New Horizon Education Solutions, we cater this aspect to provide students an individual and personalized care to meet their specific needs based upon their circumstances and abilities. Our market consists of China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Singapore and Thailand. We are continuously working hard to grow our market and provide our services worldwide. With the dedicated and hard working team we believe we will achieve our goals and succeed in providing the best services to the students coming from all over the world.

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Principal Agent: Pooja Gurung Ale

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