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LGIS encourage qualified applicants to undergo educational assessment of Australia's (RTOs) Registered Training Organizations for real career pathways.  LGIS works as marketing arm and educational counselors of Registered Training Organizations. The Assessors and Trainers perform assessments on the skills and knowledge of applicants aiming to receive an international Certificate / Diploma. The educational assessment that assessors conduct are within the principles and realms of the Australian National Qualification Framework governing local and overseas student study. As such, the Certificate and Diploma for corresponding courses that applicants receive from RTOs comes with global recognition.We are committed to the high ideals of every profession and its relevance to industry skill shortages. Our purpose is to maintain excellence and provide further advancement aimed to strengthen academic and performance based curriculum. Dynamic, young, upwardly mobile qualified assessors and counselors all over the world guide each applicant on the recognition process.

Recognition of Prior Learning is the process of receiving a qualification by recognizing skills and knowledge learned through institutions (Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Training), life experiences, work and other nationally recognized training completed. This means that candidates do not have to  repeat training they have already received. Assessors  look at  past jobs, life experience,  samples  of  work,  any  industry  representative  endorsements, related learning experiences, and even completed national qualification the candidates might have. They use methods to establish their competency against a national set of standards and offer qualification recognition based of the level of competency. Based on the streamlining of units gained, the candidate can then receive recognition for prior learning by either gaining a full international qualification or receiving credit towards one. The assessors undertake an assessment of the candidates experience and streamline the recognition of prior learning process to get applicants the qualifications they deserve.

We help turn your dreams into reality through the following professional services

1. Qualification Assessment

2. FAST Visa Processing

3. Registration Assistance

4. Accommodation Assistance

5. Bank Endorsement 


LGIS Vision is nothing less than realizing the full potential of Filipinos in Global Competence universal access to education, research, and full participation in international prospects to drive a new era of Development, Sustainable Growth and Productivity.


To PROMOTE THE LIVES OF THE FILIPINO PEOPLE by enhancing their Working Capacity and get the chance to embrace/avail Global Opportunities thru Recognition of Prior Learning Program.

To Value the importance of skills recognition for career progression;

To Help Filipinos Gain the formal international recognition of  knowledge, skills and experience that can help progress them in their career immediately;

To empower  Filipinos thru the (E-E-E Program) from Education to Employment to Entrepreneurship.


By virtue of the qualification given to ASSESORS AND TRAINERS OF REGISTERED TRAINING ORGANIZATIONS IN AUSTRALIA, as recognized within the scope of the Australian Quality Framework, Assessors have the ultimate capacity to assess and train individuals for them to garner Australian Qualifications. The assessment includes recognition of prior learning and streamlining of applicants skills, knowledge and experience to an Australian Curriculum.

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Qualified Counsellors at LGIS Qualifications Assessment Authority (Philippines)

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