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Address: 41/2 O'Connell Street, Parramatta, Sydney, New South Wales, 2150, Australia


First established in 1999, SHEC is committed to providing the best assistance in relation to your education in Australia. Since then, SHEC has grown with a local office in Sydney and extensive networks in Australia and Internationally. SHEC was founded with the objective of providing top level service to students to ensure an enjoyable and streamlined process.

SHEC's core values are professionalism, efficiency, high level of customer service, and honesty. With these core values, we ensure our customers and stakeholders are the forefront of our business.

Ph: 1300 403 933 |+61 2 9891 1840

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Principal Agent: Rafael Athaydes

Qualified Counsellors at Sydney Harbour Education Centre Parramatta

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Manisha Gupta

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Rafael Athaydes